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Warm blooded animals generate heat internally and maintain a constant temperature. Examples are birds, and mammals. Dinosaur bones are reaching in Halversian canals that support nutrients and load blood to the cells and lay down new bone. The fast growing bones of warm blooded animals have the same high density of Halversian canals while the slow growing bones cold blooded reptiles have fewer. Warm blooded animals have highly vascularized bone tissues.

Evidence of indicates that Dinosaurs have highly vascularized bone. Moderm warm blooded animals have more erect deportment than cold blooded animals. Most dinosaurs have erect attitude then it indicates they had highly activity levels and were warm blooded animals. Some evidence suggests that sauropods were cold blooded, this convincing case indicate that, some of small carnivorous dinosaurs were warm blooded. We know that, birds are warm blooded animals. Most dinosaurs had similar behaviour of birds which is warm blooded animals; it means dinosaurs are warm blooded animals.

Richard Owen is the one who named the dinosaurs. He said that, dinosaurs were version of reptiles that were very active and perhaps warm blooded animals and even though scientist who followed Owen classified dinosaurs’ behaviour as a lizard.
Ostrom with the scientist called Robert Barker start to argue that dinosaurs were more active. Ostrom, Bakker and other scientist keep saying that, dinosaurs were more closely related to birds than reptiles. Because birds are warm blooded animals why not dinosaurs. It means the dinosaurs are warm blooded.
Assessment of dinosaurs fossils propose that, dinosaurs were warming blooded. Even the remains of microscopic holes in the bones indicate tiny blood vessels had trapped by fast growing bone tissues. Scientist reasoned said, any animal that growing faster must be warm blooded animal.

By the time of Triassic, dinosaurs thought the role of predators and herbivores and all other roles down to very small, which left to mammals and other reptiles. How do they take over in the first place, and keep the mammals different for so long if the mammals had potent evolutionary advantage in being warm blooded? Those who believe that dinosaurs are large reptile, it is an unacceptable view. The bones and footprints can produce the evidence that support dinosaurs are warm blooded animals. Bones of all types of dinosaurs have now studied. It has vascular canals equivalent to those of birds, it has generally poor growing but more obvious in teeth, woven bone evidence show typically of rapid bone growth. Because of this evidence it shows us that they resemble warm blooded rather than cold blooded animals.

The life style of smaller agile dinosaurs support that, they are warm blooded animals, whereas modern cold blooded reptiles are sit and wait for hunters , predatory dinosaurs were active in follow and attacking their pray. Insulation rises with regards to body temperature. Because of the supposed problem insulin would cause an animal whose temperature depends on external environment. It would seem counter productive for cold blooded animals to be insulated, and they appear to be lost example of such situation, whereas warm blooded animals have some form of insulation. This is the strong evidence discovery of insulated dinosaurs that give a clue that dinosaurs are warm blooded animals.


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